August 23, 2017

Event Alert: 9/5 Astoria Bookshop

My first public event in the US!  I'll be reading, signing, and doodling over books in the Astoria Bookshop in Queens, NY. You should come over! I need to look at my own hands to draw hands! I can't pronounce the words I write! Hilarity is guaranteed!

- Tuesday, September 5th, 7pm.
- The Astoria Bookshop:31-29 31st Street, Queens, NY (N and W trains)
- See you there!

July 26, 2017

In the last two weeks...

...Things have happened. Here is a brief recap of the events.

Photo: @bnschaumburg

  • Meddling Kids was released on July 11. And judging by my editor's overuse of allcaps and exclamation points in his emails, I'd say there are reasons for satisfaction. It is now in its second reprint and it got among the top 25 sellers on Amazon in the first weekend.
  • Early reviewers, bookstagrammers, booksellers' recommendations, and media mentions have played a great part in this. Especially influential was a review on npr that has set a new standard for positive criticism. To all, thank you.
  • I was happy to be ordered two posts for Unbound Worlds and Read It Forward on the process of writing MK. I also had a conversation with Nick Spacek for Cinepunx, and there are more interviews to come soon.
  • EDITED: As of today, MK is also a New York Times Bestseller. Jinkies and jeepers and zoinks and, well, holy f*ck. 
Photo: Doubleday
  • And I live in New York now. :)

July 11, 2017

I really should stop posting about Meddling Kids now

But it's really one of those days where I could just sit F5-ing my socials and I'd be really happy. On behalf of the Blyton Summer F*cking Detective Club, thanks for the welcome!

Meddling Kids: On sale today!

July 4, 2017

A Meddling Week

Yeah, borrowed from The Woman in Black.

In case you were wondering, in my experience an author is not particularly anxious days before their book comes out. Things move slowly in the business: it's been a year and a half since contracts were signed, months since the last revision, and the agony of the wait fades as the deadline nears. By this time the author has held samples of the final book, read a lot of reviews (thank you for those!) and made their peace with what's been printed. So though they tell me there's a lot of buzz about Meddling Kids coming out on the 11th this month, I'm cool about it. No anxiety there.

It's the part about me getting a friggin visa so I can buy a last-minute plane ticket and be in the US to do signings and readings and feel the pulse of the book for myself--that is what's driving me UP THE F*CKING WALLS. 

June 26, 2017

Meddling Mythbusting

I wrote an article on Unbound Worlds about my meticulous writing process. It's really edifying, in a "How not to write horror books" kind of way:
The very first scene of Meddling Kids recounts a nightmare just like the one I had the morning after the book was greenlit. The dreamer, Kerri, wakes up in a dismal apartment that was inspired by my hotel room in Manhattan from three nights before. And Kerri’s dog is a Weimaraner because, while in New York, I couldn’t stop thinking of a woman back in Barcelona who owns a Weimaraner. [Continue reading.]
You can read the full article here. Meanwhile, I'll be signing copies of MK for other dogs I love. Many projects on the way, big changes, much excitement.